1. How does Mestiza differ from other whitening soaps?

MESTIZA soap is a natural soap with natural ingredients like papaya, carrots, calamansi, banana and virgin coconut oil. These ingredients altogether are beneficial for our skins softness, tightness & freshness. It also exfoliates the dirt and oils in our skin thus clarifies our skin and making it look clearer, white with a healthy glow. This is also the reason why MESTIZA is not just a skin whitening soap but coined as “The Healthy Skin Soap”.

2. What’s the difference between cold process technology from hot process.

MESTIZA soap uses cold process technology, which is the traditional soap making process where the ingredients are extracted and mixed together without using any heat. This age-old process preserves the efficacy of each and every ingredient. Cold processed soaps are often handmade, softer in feel and shape is not 100% perfect. Hot process just by the name itself uses high heat in processing the soap. Hot process soaps are chemical based products, thus it is harder and smoother in shape.

3. Any plans of expanding MESTIZA like different variant of soap like gluta?

No. MESTIZA soap will remain as a natural soap thus putting chemical based ingredients like gluta, kojic etc. is not going to happen.

4. What about formulating other products like body scrubs, facial wash, etc.?

In RND line as of the moment and hopefully to launch within the year. We will be launching the following:

a. MESTIZA body oil
b. MESTIZA facial beautifying oil
c. MESTIZA make-up remover
d. MESTIZA liquid or gel soap

5. Are you open to dealership? How does one become a MESTIZA soap dealer?

Thank you very much for your inquiry.

For personal use, you may purchase them in any leading drugstore (Mercury, Watsons, etc) and supermarkets (Shopwise, Puregold, etc) Nationwide.

For direct dealership inquiries (within the Philippines) you may contact:
PHILUSA telemarketing office at +632 631 1731 and look for Ms. Anna Darlucio : + 63 917 830 9268 (anna.darlucio@philusa.com.ph)

If you get 1 case (96 pcs) you get a 10% discount or a total cost of Php 4,579.20. We also give 8 pcs FREE soaps for every 1 case purchase which equates to a total discount of 16.9% or Php 44.03/pc.

Currently soaps are sold at Php53.00/pc for the 120 grams and Php32.00 for the 60 grams in the market today.

Thanks and good day!

6. Is MESTIZA soap also good for men?

Yes. MESTIZA soap is for men and women, young or old. It works well with Teenagers who have acne and body odor. It is also used for skin allergies, fungi and common skin itchiness. It can also be used on the scalp for dandruff and baldness. And since it is an all-natural soap it is also good for babies with baby rashes.

7. Is it proven that it is safe to used for people with acne or pimple problem.

MESTIZA is a natural soap using natural ingredients it is the safest chemical free treatment for all skin problems. But if irritation persists after weeks of use best to stop using the product and see your local dermatologist.

8. What made you use 5 different kinds of fruits in one soap?

We don’t want to mislead the market with false advertising and separate each and every ingredient and not be able to maximize the full potential of each.  MESTIZA uses 5 major ingredients with 5 different benefits thus making this soap very effective.

Carrot – Contains vitamin A that reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Papaya - Provides skin whitening and moisturizing treatment.

Banana – Treat and smoothens out various skin problems

Calamansi – Contains vitamin C that is valued for its skin toning properties.

Virgin Coconut Oil – Prevents molds, bacteria and skin viruses

9. Is MESTIZA soap also good for men?

It is categorized as a natural soap.

10. Where can we purchase MESTIZA soaps?

Mestiza soaps are available nationwide in all Mercury Drug stores, Watson’s, Puregold, Robinsons mall and supermarkets, and other leading supermarkets. You may also visit www.mestiza.ph for more details or you email us at inquiry@mestiza.ph

11. What is your advise to first time soap users who experiences stinging on their skin?

Our advise is to continue using the soap for a week because the stinging can be a result of the soaps’ deep cleansing and exfoliation process. If stinging and or feeling of irritation persist he or she may stop using the soap.

12. How to use MESTIZA soap for over problematic skin like acne?

Wash face with MESTIZA soap at least 2x a day. Lather the soap onto the affected skin areas and leave it overnight (like using it as a night cream).